About Charlotte

My name is Charlotte Glover. I began this foray in search of a new focus in my life. I met with two lovely ladies, Jan Bruner and Anna Marie Wintercorn, who helped me discover this direction. This adventure began on Sunday, June 26, 2011, with my attending the ICES Day of Sharing in Daytona Beach.

A month later, I was knee-deep in a new chapter of life that combined two of my passions: cooking and art. Everything seemed to be happening on it’s own almost like a cresting wave carrying me forward.

Mick McCay, of Mick McCay Design, was instrumental in getting my business cards, website and even a business plan started. My dear friend, Tammy Lee Bradley, of Cabinet Cottage, generously shared her photographic skills, taking some beautiful photos of a first wedding cake design, and traveled with my to my first out-of-state class.  I spent much time carefully trying recipes, taking classes and acquiring new skills…challenging and fun!!!  Once again, all my friends were nothing but supportive…THANK YOU!!!